Highland Peak Co. was founded in 2016 by 2 childhood friends Scott Kane and Nissay Sao from Long Beach California. Having their primary focus on reusable products in an effort to help eliminate the epidemic of single use plastic products. They realized the global harm revolving around plastic waste, then passionately became more combative against plastic pollution in our oceans and environment. All the while aiming to provide a quality active and outdoor drink-ware at an affordable price that everyone can appreciate.


Since starting out of their garage with just a single product, they've expanded the product line into a variety of reusable drink-ware, and soft goods. Apparel which will eventually transition as you'll find the brand's next initiative: clothes made from recycled plastic. Inspiring their sphere of influences to help spread awareness and supporting their mission on how they can play their part. Naturally overlapping interests with professional skateboarders, athletes and other band owners who share similar views in the battle against plastic pollution by ways of a sustainable alternatives.


Today, Highland Peak Co. is recognized as being the official active and outdoor drink-ware brand for Skateboarding. Teaming up with some of the top Professional Skateboarders in the world and showcasing their personalities and sending a message through our Premium Signature Series bottles.

 Thank you to everyone that has supported Highland Peak Co. thus far. It truly means the world to us. Any questions at all, please email us at info@highlandpeakco.com

Do Well,

Scott Kane and Nissay Sao